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Skylight repairs and replacements for Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

Top 5 Reasons a Skylight Might Need Servicing:

  1. Water leaks to the interior of your home

  2. Cracked glass or acrylic domes

  3. Airflow – dust and debris getting into your home

  4. Your skylight is too hot

  5. Aesthetics – old and ugly

Can my skylight be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

tar skyight

Bad repair jobs like this...

The first step is to determine where the leak is coming from.  It could be coming from a leak in the roof adjacent to the skylight, through a crack in the glass or acrylic dome, or an old flashing system that has lost its integrity.  Once water has entered through compromised roofing material and has gotten down to the roof deck, its only a matter of time before it has rotted out the plywood and begins damaging drywall on the interior of your home.  Replacing a leaking skylight in the early stages can save you thousands of dollars of repair to your home.

Skylight Repair and Replacement in Riverside & San Berardino

And this...

In some cases, a leaking skylight can be repaired.  Some types of glass skylights can be re-glazed, new gaskets can be put down on the curb to stop dust and debris from blowing in, and patchwork on the roof can be done to stop a leaking skylight.  But in other cases, a leaking skylight must be replaced.  Once cracks start forming in a dome skylight, it can never be repaired and must always be replaced.  Rotted out curbs or skylights that are 20 years or older and are leaking…REPLACE!

Can lead to water damage in your home!

leaking skylight
cracked dome repair
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